About Strut & Support Solutions

Strut & Support Solutions range of products have been developed for the Air Conditioning, Electrical, Roofing & Stormwater and Plumbing industries

 Who are we?

Strut & Support Solutions is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, with its Head Office located in Queensland Australia. Strut & Support Solutions specialises in product sourcing, mainly from Korea, Asia, United States, and Europe, offering total management and logistics for overall value chain management.

What do we do?

At Strut & Support Solutions we are committed to provide the best solution available, we offer fast reliable service, high quality products coupled with pricing that means you will get the best value solution.

What do we offer?

•          World Class and accredited manufacturing partners

•          An experienced team that has a complete & mutual understanding of our customer’s objectives & goals

•          Extensive supply chain infrastructure from factory to customer which maximises value for customers

•          Suppliers selected for their ability to customise and provide unique solutions that meet customer needs.


Our confidence in our products is based on the work we do to verify the suppliers and their facilities. Strut & Support Solutions conducts independent quality checks.