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GRIP-TY® Cable Tie

GRIP-TY® Cable Tie

9th Nov 2017

This is a simple and effective cable tie as it is both reusable and customisable. Our GRIP-TY® uses the classic hook & loop technology (similar to VELCRO) and comes in rolls and are pre-perforated every 200mm.You simply use and reuse it as many times as you like.

Reliability – Safe way to effectively bundle cables while maintaining network data integrity by protecting against over-tensioning
Back to back grip so you simply remove from roll and tie
Gives gentle cable support so as not to disturb the UTP lay
Supplied in reels.
Easy to reopen and add or remove cables
Re-usable as many times as you like
Minimal installation time
No tools required
Raw Material : 100% Nylon (Polyamide 6 and 6 6)


● Networks ● Broadcast/recording studios ● Computer equipment ● Electronic products ● Cable and wire assemblies ● Electrical installations ● LAN installations ● Cellular telephone installations ● Fibre optics installations ● Telecommunications ● Home office electronics ● Instrument installations ● Transportation ● Entertainment/theatre ● Equipment/installations