Pre-Galvanised Cable Tray

Pre-Galvanised Cable Tray

11th Jan 2018

Pre-Galvanised Finish is Environmentally Friendly

Our galvabond tray is pre-galvanised, which is a significantly more environment friendly manufacturing process than a post galvanising dip. Pre-galvanising applies a zinc galvanising to the metal sheet PRIOR to fabrication. They have a clean looking appearance that makes them visually pleasing and a good choice for inside installations where they can be seen. These products are suitable for extended exposure in dry, normal or mildly corrosive environments, but are not typically used outdoors. They have a zinc coating thickness equal to about one-third that of Hot Dip Galvanised products. Z275 designation is 275g/m2 of zinc.

Hot Dip Galvanised Steel

On the other hand, a post-fabrication zinc application involves chemical cleaning and stripping, and heavy metal dipping vats to apply the zinc. The most important advantage of the process is the overall coating thickness, which provides dual protection against corrosion through an overall barrier, and then a secondary defence of zinc, which gives the steel protection through galvanic action. Because they are post dipped this results in all of their surfaces being completely coated. Hot Dip Galvanised products are recommended for prolonged outdoor exposure because their coating will offer them protection for years in environments where they are exposed to the weather